“OUR” Moon?

I’ll just come out and say it. If you watch this video, and come away from it saying there is, and was never any life, buildings, etc, on the Moon and Mars, you are truly ignorant. If you were to venture to the bottom of the deepest ocean, and live there for 10 years, and came back and described what you saw, I’d believe you. Not believing what an astronaut saw during his adventure, is idiotic. Watch this video in its entirety. Some of the best stuff is toward the end, as well as scattered throughout.

NASA UFO Footage and Alien Secrets


Below is a documentary by Jose Escamilla. It shows that the Moon has color. We can’t see the true color with the naked eye because of our distance, atmosphere, coupled with the fact the colors are soft. Evidently, video and images can be taken using a backyard telescope and cheap camera. I haven’t done it myself as of yet, but as soon as I get a telescope, I will. Gave mine to a child without parents, for Christmas. I hope you enjoy.

Jose Escamilla Documentary


Do you think the Swastika image in the moon crater is fake? Think again.

Swastika on the Moon

Now watch this movie “Iron Sky”. It’s a comedy, but it was made with narratives of real conspiracy.

Movie “Iron Sky”


Below is a video composite of images of buildings in the Tycho Crater on the Moon

Real Reason NASA Never Went Bact to the Moon – Alien Cities on the Moon


Below is a video composite of a large city sized mother ship and other ruins on the Moon

City sized mothership on Moon


Hidden Truths

This is a category of videos and pictures that are a part of true history, but never talked about and swept under a rug, because if they were made a part of written history, we would have to re-write everything we know. It is our job to educate ourselves with the truth if you want to actually know the truth, otherwise, you will only know what others WANT you to believe.

Below is a video hosted and narrated by Charlton Heston. It details man made spheres, one clearly of Saturns moon “Mimas”, the others appear to be other planets and moons. This video shows evidence that man walked alongside dinosaurs 150 million years ago. The Sphinx of Egypt is 12,500 years old, as well as Puma Punku. It shows us how there was intelligent civilization here millions of years ago, and how every 41,000 years, the crust of the Earth shifts and wipes us out. I’m not going to give away the entire contents of the video away, so you’ll have to see for yourself, then do some digging (pun intended) of your own. Thank you, and enjoy.

Cool videos

Below is a short clip of an “alleged” 1.5 billion year old alien. This is something that I have been investigating and on the fence about. After I heard what the age is alleged to be, I was in shock and disbelief at the same time. I was never here nor there on the authenticity of the video. That was until last night, October 5th, 2012. The story starts with the writing of my book. I had already released my book before developing this website. Once I got the website together, I scoured for content to put on here. I soon discovered the video of the alleged moon base, and was happily surprised to also see the video of the so called aliens found, along with the ship, especially after growing tired of seeing the same stuff over again on the internet. I saw video of the ship before, but wrote it off as a fake, as it was too good to be true, but after getting photos directly from NASA and examining them, I determined that the object was genuine. I then decided to start looking into the moon base video and trying to tie it with someone that I have found to be reliable, such as astronauts. After much research, I have found that there are bases on the moon built by someone other than us (Earthlings). This was confirmed by several astronauts that were there, along with mission control documents and transmissions. This led me to believe that there is a possibility that the bodies discovered inside an alleged craft could ALSO be real. I have found reliable sources that say they are real, and by the time you read this, the links will be posted to show my sources.

In my book, I described a journey (I no longer call them abductions, as I go voluntarily) that I made to a planet, which I told Seth Shostack about, and NASA/SETI used my information to find this planetary system, and announced it on CNN. In this journey, I mated with a creature that I described as a short Avatar (James Cameron) type creature. I described the females as being “blueish-grey”, around 5 feet tall, fishtail style braids with long silky hair, and that I saw a very tall African looking man surrounded by some of these creatures. He was at least 9 feet, maybe even 12 feet tall. You’ll have to read the book for details. Remember, I never heard of these aliens found on the Moon until AFTER my book released. If I had heard of them, I would have made mention of them in my book, and to my sisters and niece. I would have also included a photo of these aliens, moon base, and ship, in the collage of images on the back of my book. Last night, while talking to my sister, I told her to check out my website and described some things I included on there she would find interesting. I made mention of the alien bodies found on the Moon, and told her that they looked JUST LIKE the beings I encountered that I described in my book. I told her “well, the difference is, in this video I’m watching, they’re green, and the ones I encountered were blueish-grey, so maybe they either evolved, or they’re completely different. I then watched the video on my site, and the video was a different angle, but the creature was a red-ish color. I then started wondering if it was a hoax. I googled it, and found that there were 2 different videos that were overlayed to make a 3D image, and that the TRUE COLOR OF THE ALIENS WERE BLUEISH-GREY! So, I immediately got weak and shaking, that it is likely that I encountered this specific race 2 years ago. I started texting links to my sister and then called her to calm my nerves. Here’s the link…enjoy!

Dreadlocked Woman Found in a 1.5 Billion Year Old Spacecraft

Below is a discussion about the ship & alien creatures (Anunnaki) found on the Moon

Topic UFO: Today’s Guest Joseph Lake- Alien Crash Site


Alien Artifacts Found Underneath Crop Circles

Mars Landing Evidence- Alien Life Structures, Plants, Water…

2012 Something is going on!

The Best Alien Footage 100% Real

UFOTV: Life On Mars? – New Scientific Evidence

NASA Mars Anomalies

Wikileaks Video of Roswell Grey Alien

Alien Moon Base Captured by Chang’e 2 Orbiter

Microcosm to Macrocosm: An Epic Journey From the Heart of Atoms to the Universe

If You Don’t Believe, Watch This

Why We Believe In Aliens Pt. 1

Why We Believe In Aliens Pt. 2

Why We Believe In Aliens Pt. 3

Worlds Scariest Alien and UFO Photos

Gary McKinnon hacked into NSA & NASA files and found images and info that the government knows we are being visited by extraterrestrial beings. We are even working with them and reverse engineering them.

UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon Tells What He Found On NASA Servers

Cool creatures from earth!

A strange creature washed ashore in Spain August of 2013. Speculation is that it could be the Loch Ness Monster. It is 13 feet long, and as with any creature, where there’s one, there’s many more. this could be a baby, or even an adult. It is too far decomposed to know truly what it is without a DNA test, but this is not a hoax.

Strange Horned Sea Monster Washes Ashore In Spain

Loch Ness Monster?

Tardigrades or “Water Bears” survived in space. It could be possible that they originated from space.



The Chupacabra was once believed to be a mythical creature. Part of Cryptozoology, this creature was caught on film, and fully intact remains have been found and preserved. Just a few years ago, this was classified the same as Big Foot. Imagine what else we will discover in the future.

The Chupacabra was once believed to be a mythical creature. Part of Cryptozoology, this creature was caught on film, and fully intact remains have been found and preserved. Just a few years ago, this was classified the same as Big Foot. Imagine what else we will discover in the future.

The Black Dragon Fish bares an astounding resemblance to the creature from Alien, especially in it's infant form.

The Black Dragon Fish bares an astounding resemblance to the creature from Alien, especially in it’s infant form.

This shows you how your mind is easily manipulated.

This shows you how your mind is easily manipulated.

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Mars Curiosity Rover images

Proof that intelligent life once existed on Mars. Look at the bricks!

Strange Features on Mars in New Curiosity Rover Images

Proof that water flowed, or still flows on Mars

Alluvial Fans On Mars




Anything strange ever happen to you?

Alien image on phone

“You are number 8″

Many of my experiences are documented in my book “The Alien Illuminati: Abductions, Psychic Dreams, Premonitions & Paranormal”. I would like to know some of YOUR experiences! Please be descriptive. :)


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